Automatic focus and measurement

Auto refractometer equipped with a newly designed optical system, which can ensure the speed and accuracy of the measurement.

  • 3D auto tracking and focus
  • LD light and high-sensitivity CCD
  • Independent fogging and measurement system
  • Retro-illumination image management
  • Peripheral keratometry measurement
  • Data transmittance with Computerized vision tester

Features and Benefits

LD light and high-sensitivity CCD

The built-in LD light source provides a clearer and sharper image than the traditional LED. In addition, the upgraded high-sensitivity CCD can detect the ring image even if the fund us reflection is weak. This new optical system significantly improves the measuring ability, even for dense cataractous eyes.

Independent fogging and measurement system

Two sets of independent mechanisms are used to control fogging and measurement respectively, to avoid the accommodation of the eyes during measurement, and ensure that the measurement is carried out in the best fogging condition, so as to improve the accuracy of measurement.

Intelligent touch operation

The required functions can be reached at one touch, and the corresponding functions can be accessed and realized through different touch methods.

One touch auto tracking and measurement

Double-click the screen or press the measurement button, it could carry out automatic eye tracking, focus and measurement, the whole process only takes about 10 seconds.

Retro-Illumination Image management

The Retro-Illumination image makes it possible to observe the opacity of the optical medium of the eye.

Peripheral Keratometry Measurement

Based upon the center of cornea, measure the curvature of part around cornea from the positions of up/down and left/right direction.

Tiltable LCD touch screen

7.0-inch touch screen with high-quality hinges, the screen can be adjusted and stably maintained at the desired angle.

Motorized chin rest

The height of the subject's eyeball can be quickly adjusted through the touch screen or physical button before the measurement, and the motor runs smoothly and quietly.

Built-in thermal printer

High-speed printer with quick paper loading design, when replacing printer paper we just need to put the paper roll into the receptacle and close the cover, the receipt can be cut automatically after printing.

Wireless data transfer

It can be connected wirelessly with i-Optik computerized vision tester and transfer data, which makes refraction more convenient and efficient.


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