Multi-Function Auto Eye Testing Instrument

VX105 adopts the established high-precision Shack-hartmann and Placido technology.

  • Shack-Hartmann measurement technology.
  • 3D auto tracking and auto measurment.
  • Placido measurment principle, with 6144 measurement points.
  • Keratoconus screening function.
  • Corneal contact lens prescription/fitting evaluation.
  • Day and night vision measurment and comparison.

Features and Benefits

Placido Measurement Principle

Through data collection and analysis, VX105 can generate different kinds of maps to support evaluation of cornea health such as bi-focal axial map, tangential map, refractive map, elevation map, difference map and etc.

Day and night vision

VX105 is capable of measuring wide range refraction of 7mm pupil diameter, and can show different refraction at day (small pupil) and night (large pupil) for direct comparison of day and night refractive difference.

Effectively reduced human eye accommodation

There is fogging process before measurement to make sure patient eye is fully relaxed, reducing the influence of accommodation to ensure more accurate measurement.

Real-time notification during measuring process

During measuring process, the device will give message notification for patient posture and eye position instruction at different measuring phase, to guide patient and avoid measurement error.

Visualise measuring result

VX105 software can automatically analyze and calculate measuring result. There will be enough data to mark the maps with quantifiable data or different color, making the result easy to understand and refraction process worry free.

Keratoconus screening

VX105 can generate cornea topography according to the anterior corneal surface data captured by the placido technique. With built-in software to analyze data and get the KPI value to help directly and intuitively screen for keratoconus.

Corneal contact lens prescription evaluate

VX105 can calculate anterior corneal surface eccentricity ratio (P and E value) and cornea parameter at 3 different positions (3mm/5mm/7mm) to provide reference datum for cornea contact lens prescription.

Corneal contact lens fitting evaluate

By comparing patient keratometry map change (such as conicity and cornea curvature change) to evaluate fitting of the lens(lens tightness, off position etc. )

Refractive error type diagnose

By use of topography maps, the type of patient's refractive error can be analyzed. It can also support diagnose if the cause is the cornea, and help patient analyze factors causing the vision problem is a good way to show your professionality and build patient's trust.

Post corneal refractive surgery follow-up

By comparing the cornea map before and after the surgery to graphically analyze the surgery effect and cornea healing process.

Frame lens prescription guidance

By analyzing the cornea maps, optometrist can accurately distinguish astigmtism(regular or irregular), value and axis for the patient and give most suitable lens prescription guidance accordingly.

Customer file

Customer data management for more convenient customer maintenance, can also help analyze customer vision status through comparing history data.

For patient of all ages

VX105 has child and adult measuring mode, which can be adjusted accordingly beforehand to get more accurate data for patient of all ages.

Auto measurement

Bi-focual 3D auto tracing for focusing and measurement, the process can be finished without professionals, and refractive, keratometry and topography results can also be obtained with one measurement.

10.1 inch touch screen

Tiltable color LCD touch screen making measurement easier whether the operator is standing or sitting.


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