Optikon is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative opthalmic diagnostics equipment.

Their products are present across many regions. Here in Australia, Optikon tools and equipment are distributed by Opticare.


Research & Development

They have more than 40 years of R&D experience meeting ophthalmologists' needs, with the latest in technology and engineering skills. The design and development of their innovative and competitive equipment represent the critical factor from which all of their technological successes have stemmed.


The Optikon production system has a well-established reputation for turning out superior equipment with superior price performance, a capacity furnished by our investment in the most innovative and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Quality Assurance

Optikon is ISO13485 and CE certified company. The Optikon Quality Assurance department updates its procedures and reviews its processes, from product design through after-sale support, to ensure their compliance with the highest quality standards. The result is a higher degree of customer protection.

Our Optikon Product Catalogue

Topographer, Aberrometer, Autorefractometer, and Ophthalmic Cryosurgery Systems

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