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A unique dispensing tool

The OptiTab can help in all aspects of the eyewear dispensing process. It is handy, easy to use, and perfect for the front desk.

The Frame Selection Tool and Tool for Augmented Reality help explain and show mostly the «invisible». These are just two of the tools that can support the optician day by day.

OptiTab's other notable features:

  • One-shot, very precise, and reproducible measurement
  • High-level tool together with iPad® air 2
  • Mobile measurement system
  • Lens supplier independent
  • Highest output for less money
  • Connectable to Weco, Briot, and Visionix
Visionix OptiTab

Key Features

Tool for Augmented Reality

An easy to use tool to demonstrate differences between designs.

  • Use the camera to take live views to explain differences in lenses
  • Explain individuality easily
  • Choose different lens designs
  • Select different surroundings

Lens Demonstration Tool

This tool helps the optician to explain mostly the invisible! Every menu includes many options to compare, test, and show.

  • Perfect tool for the front desk
  • Show anti-reflection coating
  • Show differences for photochromatic
  • Show advantage of high index
  • Show polarization effect
  • Show individual designs
  • Show the difference of tinted lenses

Frame selection tool

Perfect tool for helping customers in their choice. The optician can take up to 4 quality photos that the customer can review.

Job Database

Create a job database with name / JobID. Results can be printed or uploaded to an additional management software.


The communication to our edging systems can be handled via:

  • Barcode printing via a pre-installed printer
  • Communication via LabConnect via webservice

Additional benefits

  • The Lens Package: Find the perfect lens layout that fits by choosing from a preloaded database.
  • The Lens Thickness: Review thickness over refractive index

OptiTab Measurement

With the one and only EY-Stick Technology, finally all needed data are taken by just one shot:

  • Pupilar distances for far and near vision in reference to the frame
  • Pupilar height in reference to the frame
  • Pantoscopic tilt
  • Frame wrap
  • Rear-vertex distance

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