3D OCT with Fundus Camera and Angiography HOCT is now even more advanced with the addition of Biometry and Topography.

3D OCT with Fundus Camera and Angiography HOCT is now even more advanced with the addition of Biometry and Topography.

Not only Anterior and Posterior disease diagnosis, but also gathering the necessary data for an Ophthalmologist's cataract surgery. Because the HOCT acquires all the necessary information in one instrument, it becomes efficient and convenient for you and your patients.


High-Speed & High-Quality

Provides high-speed scan, high-quality image by using Huvitz's outstanding optical technology and innovative image software. Shows extensive information, such as 3D structure of Retina, Macula's thickness and separation in a vivid image.

One for All System

By combining OCT Angiography, Full-Colour Fundus Camera, and PC, it can generate high-resolution images providing multi-purpose functions for diagnosis. It saves both time and space by performing frontal view (Enface) of eye diseases, Tomography, cross-compare, and diagnosis in a single run.

User Friendly

HOCT is smart. It obtains reliable data with minimum deviation of image quality according to the user's measurement proficiency.

Smart Scan

It provides convenience & accuracy by offering easy & various scanning functions with Macula, Optic Disc, and Anterior.

Accurate Analysis

A complete analysis helps you observe symptoms, illnesses, and progress of each patient at a glance. Key indicator values compared to Normative Data are displayed in table and chart format.

Detailed Report

Provides patient's pathological structure and relevant & important data in an easy-to-read format. It can also print out the report on the analysis screen.

Anterior Measurement

The Anterior Segment Module allows measurement and analysis of cornea thickness, angle, and 3D image. It helps users work more efficiently by acquiring both anterior and posterior in one place.

Full-Colour Fundus Image

Colour retinal images optimised with high-resolution and contrast are very useful in analysis and clinical diagnosis. Best images are provided by low intensity of flash, fast capture speed, quiet operation, small pupil mode, and automatic flicker detection.

Innovative Angiography

By One-Button, accurate details are provided with high-resolution images for vessels of retina & choroid and data of FAZ, flows, and density.

OCT Biometry+Topography

It analyses Biometry and Topography comprehensively. HOCT provides all the data you need for quick and easy calculations for optimising the IOL lens power.

More Precise Biometry

Users can make adjustments along the axial line, as well as remove measurements that fall outside of normal to create accurate statistics for the IOL calculation.

More Exquisite Topography

Since the HOCT can analyses the posterior of the cornea, users can now minimise errors caused by anterior & posterior axis of the cornea, corneal thickness, and refractive errors caused by the vitreous and corneal structures.

Clinic Exams

High-quality, high-resolution OCT and colour fundus images from HOCT are extremely useful for analysis and clinical diagnosis as the pathologic structure and status of each layer are accurately observed and recorded..

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