The most complete screening device now comes with dry eye testing

VX120+, a unique diagnostic device for visual screening, vision analysis, and glaucoma, has an upgraded model with an additional feature. Called the VX 120+ Dry Eye, eye care professionals can now screen and monitor DES using 3 types of measurements:

  • Non-invasive analysis of the tear film and evaluation of the tear film Break-up time
  • Displaying a colour image of the Meibomian glands
  • Measurement of the tear meniscus height

Determine the specific dry eye syndrome using 3 types of measurements

Non-Invasive Tear Break-up Time

A test that processes the movement of the rings on the eye and gives the speed of tear film break-up between two blinks.

Meibomian glands

The colour camera allows you to make a photo gallery of the parts of the eye and to focus on the meibomian glands area.

Tear Meniscus value

Using the manual zoom of the colour camera, you can measure the height of the tear meniscus to complete the test.

Other Key Features

High-end Refraction

Quick detection of refraction, higher order aberrations, and warning indications for measurements outside of normal parameters.

Diagnosis of the Anterior Chamber

Perform a complete examination of the anterior segment of the eye to screen, evaluate, and monitor keratoconus, glaucoma risks, and cataracts.

Vision Analysis

Precise measurements and a visual health assessment of the client using the Shack-Hartmann wavefront analysis.

Ready for Communication

Integrate it into your practice management software and synchronize data, maps, and graphs for any eye examination.

Additional Customer Benefits

  • Fully automatic 3D and R/L eye alignments
  • 7 types of automatic simultaneous measurements
  • Operator independent measurements
  • High reproducibility of measurements
  • Automatic alignment and measurementg
  • High reliability for measurements
  • Significant time savings
  • Optimal comfort based on ergonomic design

Model Feature Comparison

Feature VX130+ VX120+ Dry Eye VX120+
Autorefraction / Keratometry Yes Yes Yes
Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Technology Yes Yes Yes
Fully Automatic Measurement Yes Yes Yes
Placido Ring Corneal Topography Yes Yes Yes
Corneal Aberrometry Yes Yes Yes
Ocular Aberrometry Yes Yes Yes
Retro-Illumination Yes Yes Yes
Anterior Chamber Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Pachymetry Yes Yes Yes
Scheimpflug Imaging Yes Yes Yes
Non-Contact Tonometry Yes Yes Yes
Anterior / Posterior Corneal Tomography Yes
Dry Eye Anterior Imaging Module Yes
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